To continue to be a positive organization within our community, using our Corvettes to inspire strong educational and social values, by demonstrating a positive lifestyle for young people as well as utilizing our collective resources to assist communities in upward growth.


The members of this club are joined together, and are mutually pledged to the furtherance and promotion of the following Objectives.


  • To promote and encourage camaraderie and provide a means of fellowship between Corvettes owners.
  • To make the ownership of a Corvette a proud and enjoyable experience.
  • To give advice and assistance about the Corvette experience to any and all members of the club or community.
  • To provide organized and fun activities for the club members and their families.
  • To set an example for fellow drivers in the terms of courtesy, safety, and traffic awareness when traveling the roads together.
  • To serve as an official voice for the club members.
  • To maintain the highest standards of operation and performance for the “American Legend”, by sharing and exchanging technical and mechanical information.
  • The interchange of ideas and suggestions with other Corvette Clubs throughout the world, and mutually beneficial cooperation as may be required for maintaining the status of the “American Legend – The Corvette”.
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